Student Expo Submissions

Explore and Get Inspired!

Check out nearly 150 submissions from students in all grade divisions at 6 different schools in Asuncion!


Cesar Diaz (Chair) - Middle/High School Design Tech Teacher (ASA)

Katherine Barnett - High School Science Teacher (ASA)

Alejandro Carissimo - STEAM Teacher (CEI)

Alfredo Fortenboher - Technology Director (ASA)

Dr. Carl Haarstad - High School Science Teacher (ASA)

Lilian Gonzalez - Elementary School Technology Specialist (ASA)

Ruth Gonzalez - Edificio Creativo Coordinator (CJP)

Nathan Lipperer - Middle School Science Teacher (ASA)

Tanya Reynolds - Elementary School Teacher (ASA)

Travis Reynolds - High School Math Teacher (ASA)

Fernando Roa - Librarian (CCPA)

Dr. Tyler Shelden - Director of Teaching and Learning (ASA)

Milagros Vega - STEAM Lab Assistant (ASA)

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